X really does mark the spot for everyone.

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The fuel markets is very competitive so it is important to make a reliable and cost effective choice for your fleet of commercial vehicles, whether you are in the trucking business, bus charters, either local or interstate or run a broad range of heavy duty vehicles on major construction sites.

X Convenience is a 100% Family owned South Australian business and we provide competitive pricing for both our Retail and Wholesale customers so you can be confident about your purchase because you are dealing with a local business who understands the market place that you work in.

Talk to us about your business, your vehicles and the average fuel consumption per month be it seasonal or year round so that we can provide you with the best service that meets your requirements.

You may need one our Bulk Tankers to visit more than one location on a regular run or you have several constructions sites where your commercial vehicles need refuelling, even if only short term. Your X Convenience Wholesale division will work with you to ensure supply because we know that your business needs to function flawlessly so you can meet your customer’s expectations and requirements.

For wholesale enquiries email fuel@andrash.com.au